What is it like to be the owner and operator of a fruit farm that has grown and continues to grow only top-grade, environmentally sustainable fruit for three generations strong?

Mount Hood, Oregon’s own Katrina McAlexander joins us today to passionately convey the true value and impact a committed family farm is capable of having on a community. Community over competition is their motto. Hospitality and generosity are inseparable from the values at Mt. View Orchards, and it shows! Taking the business beyond just fruit, Mt View Orchards also offers ciders and premium alcoholic libations. Katrina will walk us through the challenging yet boundlessly rewarding life of a community fruit farmer today on the Thriving Farmer Podcast!

You’ll Hear:

What Mt. View Orchards is all about 1:07 

How Katrina got started in farming 1:56

How Mt. View’s focus has evolved in its 100+ years of operation 3:29

How the weather in Mount Hood works in conjunction with Mt. View’s operations 5:26

What a typical day in Katrina’s life looks like 6:47

When Katrina got started in fermentation 11:03

How Mt.View inspires agro tourism 16:47

What goes on at Mt. View’s pavilion 21:13

How Mt. View got started doing weddings 24:05

Tips on holding on-farm events 26:13

The price of farmland per acre in Mount Hood 29:46 

About Mt. View’s mascot? 31:59 

How Katrina utilizes flowers in her business 33:18 

How Katrina prioritizes tasks on her farm 35:23

About the apple growing environment at Mt. View 37:45

Who mentored Katrina on her path to fruit farming mastery 42:37

How Katrina adapted to coming back to the farm 45:17

How Katrina delegates tasks on the farm 54:39

Where Katrina looks to hire help 57:15

What Katrina would change if she could turn back time 58:46

How Katrina goes about marketing 1.05:35

Katrina’s favorite farming tool 1.14:56 

Where you can find out more about Katrina and Mt. View Orchards 1.16:13

About the Guest

Katrina and her family operate Mt. View Orchards, a 50-acre apple and pear farm nestled just north of Mt. Hood in the quaint town of Parkdale, Oregon. For over fifty years, Katrina’s family has raised delicious, top-grade, environmentally sustainable fruit, establishing Mt. View as an important fruit grower in the Hood River Valley and Columbia Gorge region. They are 3 generations strong, caring deeply about growing fresh fruit for their community.

Mt. View Orchards also distributes to local and regional businesses and eateries, and participates in a wide range of community partnerships. They believe passionately in the value and benefit of the family farm in a community and do all they can to sustain their contribution in the Hood River Valley and beyond!

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