How can you establish yourself as an elderberry expert and run a reputable farm and business using that expertise? 

Missouri’s Terry Durham, of River Hills Harvest joins us today to detail exactly why elderberries are such a hot topic in farming. River Hills ensures top quality elderberry products by growing in small batches, giving only the utmost care and attention into each and every harvest.

Their growers have committed to the health and wellbeing of their produce, their farms, and their communities. If you’re looking to take part in the booming opportunity presented by US elderberry farming, or maybe you’re just interested in the process, this episode will not disappoint!

You’ll Hear:

What got Terry into the elderberry business 1:28

What’s so special about elderberries 2:57

What soil types elderberries grow best in 5:02

How to approach the elderberry business 8:34

What elderberry harvest care looks like 10:04

What tools River Hills Harvest uses to manage their elderberry harvests 13:46

How people use and sell elderberry flowers 23:11

What you need to get set up with elderberry farming 26:03

What systems Terry has in place to ensure optimal operation on the farm 32:00

How Terry divides roles on his team and how he finds the right people 36:33

Where Terry focuses his marketing 40:09

The biggest mistake Terry sees newer elderberry farmers make 44:02

Where you can learn more about Terry’s work and River Hills Harvest 48:42

About the Guest

Terry is the Elderberry Man — he raises elderberries, and turns berries into a line of products made from the 100% Pure Premium Elderberry Juice. But more importantly, Terry raises growers! Elderberry is easy to get started, is a long-lived perennial that bears a crop within 2 to 3 years of initial planting and is easily integrated into other farming activities. And it’s healthy — noted for immunity boosting and reducing duration of colds and flu. Therefore a rising star in the super-fruit world of high anthocyanin fruits.

Terry is an educator and often speaks at Mother Earth News Fairs and other venues of similar popularity. Terry is appearing at several winter farm shows, including the Mid-America Organic Association Conference & Trade Show in January in Independence, MO.

Resources and mentions

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