Today we are joined by Dax Funderburk, owner of Beets Workin’ Farm. Beets Workin’ Farm is a small family farm located in beautiful Northeastern Vermont, where they focus on growing dozens of unique varieties of garlic, available online at and numerous festivals throughout the Northeast USA. After years of growing garlic and four season produce in Southeastern PA, they purchased 250 acres on the Lamoille River in Greensboro Bend, Vermont in 2017 with the intent of relocating the garlic farm. After several years of focusing on improving soil fertility and health, their entire garlic crop is now Vermont grown on the banks of the Lamoille. Tune in today to hear all about Dax’s journey from business to garlic!

In This Episode:

How Dax got into farming 1:20

How many times a year Dax moves the tunnels on the farm 8:42

What prompted Dax’s transition to garlic 19:12

What the current business model is at Beets Workin’ Farm 21:48

How Beets Workin’ has acquired over 75 varieties of garlic 31:44

What a typical year on a garlic farm entails 42:01

What Dax has brought to farming from his background in business 1.00:36

About the future of Beets Workin’ 1.21:12

Dax’s favorite farming tool 1.24:52

Where you can learn more about Dax and Beets Workin’ Farm 1.26:03

About the Guests:

Dax Funderburk, Owner & Operator of Beets Workin Farm &, now located in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, focuses exclusively on growing 90+ varieties of hardneck garlic, available online and at numerous festivals throughout the Northeast. Beets Workin Farm was founded in 2010, growing year round produce in SE Pennsylvania, after spending 20+ years in the cable & satellite industry. After almost a decade of growing produce, the farm transitioned to only garlic in 2019 and relocated to Greensboro Bend, Vermont.





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