What type(s) of elderberries are right for your farm? 

Today on the third part of our special elderberry-centric miniseries, we’re hosting Terry Durham of River Hills Harvest. Located in the Hills of Hartsburg, Missouri, River Hills Harvest supports local farmers and processors. Their growers have committed to the health and wellbeing of their produce, their farms, and their communities. Every berry that is processed has reached peak ripeness to assure the highest delivery of the health promoting qualities for which elderberries have a historical reputation. Terry has been thriving in this business for quite some time, so if you’re interested in entering the elderberry market, or advancing your elderberry game, this is not one to skip!

In This Episode:

How Terry first got involved in the elderberry business 2:03

What the elderberry growing and harvesting process look like 3:59

The differences in process and results between European and American elderberries 7:24

What types of elderberry varieties exist and how to determine which to grow 10:30

The varieties that typically do well in the southern states 21:17

About the education River Hills Harvest offers 23:49


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