How can farmers serve their communities in unique ways?

In this podcast, we’re hosting Reese Jones, Co-owner and Manager of Jones Family Farm, located in Edgewood, Maryland. As far back as the 1950s, the Jones Family has been growing award-winning fruits and vegetables for both Baltimore and Harford County. 

They have remained the first choice grower for those who wish to buy directly from the farmer. Today, the farming operation has grown extensively to accommodate greater retail selections and services, with numerous retail greenhouses for plants and flowers, two farm markets, pick your own strawberries, and Christmas trees and wreaths. 

Tune in to hear about the Jones Family Farm and Reese’s continued work as a social entrepreneur for Victory Gardens to promote the need for cultural individuality and a life centralized on Faith, Family, and Plants!

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • What is social enterprise 1:54
  • The history behind Jones Family Farm 3:36
  • The kind of experiences they provide on their school tours 9:28
  • When does the farming season typically start on their farm 14:02
  • How their CSA works 17:56
  • A look at their farm team 29:52
  • The beginning of Victory Gardens 31:55
  • Reese’s involvement with the Farm Bureau 36:29
  • Reese’s favorite farming tool 39:40

About the Guest:

Growing up on a retail oriented vegetable farm in southern Harford County, Reese Jones is currently a co-owner and manager of Jones Family Farm, as well as president of Victory Gardens, which is a social enterprise aimed at growing culturally relevant food for marginalized populations in the Baltimore/Harford vicinity.





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