Do you have questions about greens, greenhouses, or a green grocery business?

This podcast will make you want to pull up a chair and take notes. It is a conversation between two experienced farmers about permaculture, greenhouses (including climate battery greenhouses), creating a holistic farm model and how greens play an important role, dealing with water and soil issues, and taking a CSA from a picnic in the park to farmers market levels of volume for a profitable mid-week retail store. 

Michael Kilpatrick is joined by David Greenberg, owner of Abundant Acres Farm, located in Hants County, Nova Scotia. Abundant Acres is an organic farming operation situated on the tidal Cogmagun River. It consists of a periodically flooded salt marsh, upland fields, and woodlands. 

Abundant Acres’ first priority is to grow the best tasting and most healthy food for their own table and for their customers. They are also developing, testing, and sharing designs for machinery and techniques that make farming more efficient and profitable.  

Tune in to hear how a field trip at the age of 7 instilled a life-long passion in David for farming.

Join us today to hear all about it!

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • How David got started in farming 3:22
  • David’s farming education 10:57
  • Staff on Abundant Acres Farm 16:54
  • How they keep the soil fertilized 34:34
  • The scoop with their climate battery 42:07
  • Overview of the farm’s retail store 49:46

About the Guest:

David farms with his wife, Jen, and many wonderful employees at Abundant Acres in Centre Burlington, Nova Scotia.  Growing on six acres, with half an acre under cover, they supply fresh vegetables year round from their two Climate Battery greenhouses.

Their produce is sold at their Halifax store, The Warehouse Market.



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