How do you get people excited to eat salad?

This week’s podcast dives deep into how Quinn and Theus got to where they are today in a very saturated and competitive market.

Farm Punk Salads is both a prosperous pesticide-free salad-specific farm as well as a value-added salad dressing company. Their aim is to make eating salad easier and more desirable than you ever thought possible! Tune in and learn the ins and outs of running a multifaceted farm business and how to turn something many think of as a chore into something exhilarating…from two of the most passionate innovators in the farm biz!

You’ll Hear:

How Quinn and Theus got into farming 0:53

Why they pursued salad dressings 4:24

How Quinn developed dressing recipes 7:31

What a typical day at their farm looks like 8:41

How Theus and Quinn manage their farm 12:23

When they decided to go full throttle with Farm Punk Salads 15:01

What the hardest thing they ever did with their farm was 17:36

What systems they would’ve put into place sooner given the opportunity to turn back time 21:58

Who comprises the Farm Punk team 21:14

How Quinn and Theus balance work and home life 25:43

How Farm Punk goes about brand development 27:27

Where Farm Punk currently goes for their promotional efforts 37:34

What the biggest mistake they see new farmers making is? 39:04

What is their favorite farming tool? 47:06

Where to find out more about Farm Punk Salads 48:26

About the Guest

Greens. Dressing. Boom. Farm Punk Salads is a farm built upon 2 things, bomb-diggity salad dressings & delectable salad greens. Farming outside of Portland, OR at hand-scale with no-till practices, the Farm Punks Quinn & Theus grow salad greens, head lettuce, and culinary herbs.

In SE Portland, they produce a line of tahini based salad dressings that are seasoned with herbs grown at the farm. Selling their dressings both wholesale to grocery, at farmers markets next to their greens, and through their salad CSA, Farm Punk Salads hopes to get people stoked about eating salad.

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