Why is it important to share the stories of small-scale farmers?

In this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, Michael welcomes Olivia Schoentrup, a sixth-generation farmer who has transitioned from traditional farming to RV living and farm touring. Olivia shares her unique journey, shedding light on the challenges of scaling up a small farm and the critical importance of sharing the stories of small farmers.

Tune in to learn more about Olivia’s transformative journey and the innovative practices shaping the future of farming.

Episode Highlights:

  • Olivia’s Farming Journey: How Olivia’s farming endeavors came to be [1:02]
  • Market Insights: What were the markets for Schoentrup Farms [7:14]
  • Influential Farmers: Learn about some innovative farmers [15:46]
  • Farm Visits: Hear about the smaller farms that Olivia has visited [20:21]
  • Lessons Learned: Hear about what Olivia has learned through her journeys [27:21]
  • Connect with Olivia: Follow Olivia on their travels [31:21]

About the Guest:

Olivia Schoentrup is a 6th generation farmer from Indiana. She and her husband, Paul, farmed together on 5 acres raising beef, pork, and chicken to sell directly to consumers. After farming for 6 years, they sold everything, moved into a 5th wheel camper, and are now traveling the country visiting small farms and homesteads to share their story on our YouTube Channel, Breaking New Roots.

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Don’t miss this episode on Olivia’s experiences and perspectives on modern agricultural practices and the evolving landscape of small-scale farming across the US.

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