Have you ever thought about dropping your current vocation and selling your possessions to start fresh and start a farm?

That notion certainly crossed the mind of our guest today! Joining us today is Mike “The Fit Farmer” Dickson, former natural bodybuilder and personal trainer turned farmer/homesteader. Mike and his wife Lacie sold almost everything they owned, left their 2600 sq ft house in the city, and started a new life in a 700 sq ft YURT in the country. They (and their three children) run a market garden on their homestead in North Carolina. Mike and Lacie are both passionate about living a healthy sustainable lifestyle, not just in taking care of the Earth, but also by sustaining their bodies with healthful foods, and sustaining their relationships with each other. As a mixed race farmer, Mike has a view on racism that contradicts the narrative currently being pushed by the media – Unity over divisiveness – a view he feels more people need to embrace. Join us as we discuss that as well as how Mike runs his farm, Youtube channel, and all aspects of his operation!

In This Episode:

Where Mike was and what he was doing before he became a farmer/homesteader 1:38

What Mike’s initial plans were for the property 7:32

About the main income streams from Mike’s farm right now 9:46

What a typical week on Mike’s farm looks like 10:55

What Mike offers in the CSA 15:12

How Mike’s reason/vision for his farm has changed 15:44

About the hardest thing Mike has done as a farmer 17:07

Who Mike’s mentors throughout his farming journey were 19:21

What systems Mike would put into place on his farm earlier given the opportunity to start over 20:32

How Mike divides roles on his farm 25:27

What kind of Youtube channel Mike runs 27:42

How Mike approaches the issue of racism 31:53

What went down with Mike’s trip to Polyface Farm 35:24

How society should better approach the issue of racism 43:54

The biggest mistake Mike sees newer farmers making 48:03

What advice would Mike give himself as a new farmer 52:42

Mike’s favorite farming tool 53:46

What Mike thinks about the prospect of starting a farm now 54:34

Where you can learn more about Mike, his work, and his farm 56:14

About the Guest

Known on YouTube as the Fit Farmer, Mike is a former professional natural (drug free) bodybuilder, personal fitness trainer, and nutritional coach turned farmer/homesteader. When he and his wife Lacie discovered the sad truth about our modern food system, they were inspired to begin growing food for themselves and their children right where they lived in the city.

Mike explained that prior to this “I had never grown anything in my life, and when I grew something from seed to harvest it felt so empowering and I just wanted to grow more and more”.

Yet as their aspirations for growing more continued they were faced with city ordinances that hindered their urban homesteading goals. So this is when they decided to leave the city. Next they sold their house, furniture and all their possessions, bought a yurt and moved to the country to start a homestead. Today, years later, their homestead produces food for their family and many of the farm customers they serve. Follow along with Mike and his family’s adventures on YouTube, where they strive to inspire, and educate others about living a healthy more connected lifestyle.

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Resources and mentions

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/BigPondFarm

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mikethefitfarmer

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/the_fit_farmer_/

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