It’s Winter. You run a farm. How do you most efficiently extend your growing season?

Winter farming has historically proposed many challenges. Oftentimes, Winter has meant it’s time to “hunker down and weather the storm” until more bountiful climates return. However, it doesn’t have to be a time to run, hide, and hope for the best. Many farmers have adopted practices that allow them to thrive year-round. You, too, can adopt a model for your farm that prolongs your season of prosperity, every single year!  In this special solocast, Michael Kilpatrick discusses proven techniques, systems, and structures conducive to bountiful Winters, which he’s learned and honed through experience, so you don’t have to! If you’re looking to expand your farm’s annual cycle, stick around as he talks all about climate versatility for farms!

In This Episode:

About structures which assist a bountiful winter season 3:59

How you can properly manage snow 7:17

When you should do your planting and how you can keep track of it all 9:22

How to go about crop steering 12:18

How to ensure you have the best soil for the season 16:05

How to manage weeds during this process 19:19

How to optimally utilize space 24:05

How to maintain your crops 32:46

How to manage pests 35:58

How to go about watering in your tunnels 44:27

What you should be observing as far as growth rates 48:43

About the Guest

Growing Farmers is led by Michael Kilpatrick, a farmer, educator, and inventor who lives in Ohio. He is the host of the top rated Thriving Farmer Podcast and the Thriving Farmer Summit series which has been viewed by over 50,000 farmers. He has managed large farms and businesses, consulted for industry experts around the world, and spoken at dozens of conferences. Michael believes that anyone can farm by following the simple business and management skills that he teaches in the Small Farm University, our community for thriving farmers.

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