What do you get when you merge two of the most riveting and educational farming podcasts out there?

Well, a riveting and educational duel podcast, of course! On today’s episode we’re switching gears a little bit. The Thriving Farmer Podcast and the Farm to Table Talk Podcast sit at the same table today to pick each other’s brains. Farm To Table Talk, hosted by Rodger Wasson, is a virtual table for conversations about ideas, insights, and journeys of chefs, farmers, policymakers, researchers, NGOs, and the food-focused public about our food and how it is grown, prepared, and shared throughout society. I am honored to be on the other side of the table from Rodger as we interview each other on various fascinating and informative farming topics!

In This Episode:

What Michael does with his operation and what the Thriving Farmer Podcast is all about 1:22

Where Michael’s and Rodger’s farming journeys diverge 2:57

About Rodger’s experience working with farming associations, counsels, and boards 5:58

How much water is used when growing almonds 8:08

What Rodger does to elevate local farm products 10:55 

About the range of experience of the farmers Michael works with 13:14

The difference between a farmer and a grower 18:05

How Rodger and Michael define a farm/farmer 22:32

How Michael goes about getting his clients into farming and reminding them that they need to turn a healthy profit 31:52

How farmers survive on less acreage than they did 50 years ago 37:03

About the Guest

Rodger Wasson is the host of the Farm To Table Talk Podcast.  Rodger and his Son/Partner Alec Wasson own Idea Farming, a food and agriculture consultancy based in Sacramento CA. Raised on a Livestock farm in Central Illinois, since graduating from Illinois State University Rodger has managed State, National and International farmer organizations producing beef, pork, lamb, wool, potatoes, tomatoes, almonds, pistachios and strawberries.

Resources and mentions

Websites – www.farmtotabletalk.com, www.thrivingfarmerpodcast.com

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