Today we are joined by Maud Kelley, Principal and Owner of Greenlands Farm. Greenlands Farm is a small, three generational sustainable modern homestead farm located in rural Bolivia, NC. The Greenlands team is a true reflection of the homestead farm life: growing organic produce, baking in the farm kitchen with farm grown ingredients, and composting. This farm family certainly lives the sustainable lifestyle they teach others about! They’re open by appointment for educational group tours, as a wedding/special occasion venue, and sometimes for fundraiser events for the Helpers Of Our Farm (HOOF) Educational Farm Animal Sanctuary. Greenlands also breeds exotic birds, all researched and carefully selected for beauty and gentleness. Tune in today to hear all about how this eclectic and versatile farming operation runs the day to day!

In This Episode:

About Maud’s experience growing up on a homestead 1:14

Which enterprise Greenlands Farm began with 6:06

What kind of events Greenlands Farm hosts 8:20

How they got started breeding rare chickens 14:32

About their process for raising peacocks 18:28

How Maud assigns roles for the family on the farm 21:26

How Greenlands Farm markets all of their separate enterprises 24:39

What the Helpers Of Our Farm (HOOF) program is and how it works 28:51

Where you can find out more about Maud and Greenlands Farm 31:41

About the Guest:

Maud grew up in the 80’s on a 2 acre homestead farm her parents developed and designed, then they created Greenlands Farm in 2004. They began to share their roots with the community in 2010 when Greenlands Farm became an agritourism farm. As their three generational family grew and aged, Greenlands Farm went through some changes since 2010. They’re now an events venue, breeders of rare poultry, organic farmers of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and offer educational programs.


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