Michael discusses how he faced off with the many challenges presented to him within his local government to ensure a positive change for the future and farming.

In This Episode:

Why many farmers feel like the government is not our friend 2:17

About the many regulations placed on small farms 4:04

Why we don’t trust the government with the task of preserving the best interests of our farm, human health, and the environment at large 4:46

Why the government can’t be as efficient as private industry 8:44

What you can do to make things more efficient for your farm and your elected officials 11:34

About the Guest:

Michael Kilpatrick is the owner of Growing Farmers/In the Field Media, LLC and a farmer (The Farm on Central), educator, and inventor who lives in Ohio. He’s the host of the top rated Thriving Farmer Podcast as well as the Thriving Farmer Summit series, which has been viewed by over a quarter million farmers. He’s managed large farms and businesses, consulted for industry experts around the world, and spoken at dozens of conferences. Michael believes that anyone can build a profitable farm by following the simple business and management skills that he teaches in the Small Farm University, his company’s educational platform and community for thriving farmers.


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