What opportunities does the digital world offer your farming business? 

Today we’re joined by Margie Paskert, a market gardener, online produce e-commerce specialist, and owner of Lazy Ox Farm, a small family farm operating out of Olathe, Colorado.  Margie has been growing and selling sustainably raised plants and veggies for more than 22 years, first in northern Idaho, then for 10 years in southern Missouri. She is now operating on the beautiful west slope of Colorado, and has been since 2019. Focusing primarily on online sales, Margie says that Etsy has allowed her farming operation to be what it is today. Her business has well exceeded her expectations, and even desires. You know if you have grown beyond what you even wanted, you’ve done something right! Join us today to hear all about how Margie and her team have achieved this huge level of productivity!

In This Episode:

What business model works best for Margie 1:18

The size of Margie’s team 4:35

What products Margie ships 7:34

How Margie manages pests in the greenhouse 8:59

The benefits and challenges of growing and producing in Colorado 16:29

How Margie finds help willing to work the necessary schedule 19:56

How her business outgrew her expectations and desires 23:34

What Margie would change in the business, given the opportunity 30:50

What platforms Margie uses to achieve the desired volume of sales 33:49

What advice Margie would give to a new farmer to have a good and productive first year 36:52

What words of encouragement Margie would give herself as a new farmer 38:31

Margie’s favorite farming tool 38:44

What Margie thinks about the prospect of starting a farm now 41:40

About the Guest:

Margie started in market gardening 25 years ago in Northern Idaho, doing mixed veggies and a few plant starts that she sold through a CSA and at Kootenai County Farmers Market. Margie moved to rural Missouri in 2006 and tried to do the same thing, but the business model did not work there so she switched to online sales of plants only, and her business has grown steadily since then, and rapidly since covid. Margie moved to Colorado 3 1/2 years ago because, why not? This business model is location independent!


Website: www.lazyoxfarm.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lazy-Ox-Farm-250334001645386

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