Where do you turn for the comprehensive permaculture information you need as a farmer?

Today on the Thriving Farmer Podcast we’re happy to have Nick Ritar, Cofounder of Milkwood, located all the way down in Tasmania, Australia. Milkwood is dedicated to sharing permaculture skills for living like it matters. Online, in print, via their renowned courses, whatever it takes to get you inspired, Milkwood is here to help people learn. They acknowledge that permaculture owes the roots of its theory and practice to traditional and Indigenous knowledge from all over the world. The education offered by Milkwood covers everything from permaculture design to market gardening, natural building and mushroom cultivation, to help create resilient and abundant households and communities. Are you ready to boost your farming and permaculture know-how? Stick with us!

In This Episode:

How long Nick has practiced permaculture 2:27

What drove Nick to write his book, Milkwood: Real Skills for Down-to-Earth Living 7:52

How Milkwood operates their education courses 19:16

What is covered in Milkwood’s Permaculture Living Course 22:35

Why we need to respect indiginous knowledge when it comes to permaculture 30:54

How Milkwood came to be the trove of information that it is  39:15

What Nick does with waste mushroom cultivation 44:58

How Nick describes the lifestyle promoted by Milkwood to someone with an outside perspective 50:23

About the Guest:

Nick Ritar is co-director of Milkwood – an education enterprise dedicated to teaching skills to regenerate the earth. Since 2007 Ritar, with his partner Kirsten Bradley, have given over 15,000 students the opportunity to learn from the world’s best sustainable farmers, market gardeners & permaculturists. Their first book ‘Milkwood – real skills for down to earth living’ was released in Sept 2018. In 2019 Milkwood launched their first online course ‘Permaculture Living’ a 12 week intensive course with the co-originator of Permaculture David Holmgren and they have recently launched their second online course on Home Mushroom Cultivation.


Website: https://www.milkwood.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Milkwood

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/milkwood/

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