On this final episode in the Elderberry Workshop Series, we’re joined by Andrew Thomas, Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from the University of Missouri,  Master of Science in Agronomy from Iowa State University, and Director of Ozark Regional Land Trust. Andrew enjoys conducting research on a wide variety of horticultural and agroforestry crops and crop production techniques. His main research interests include the development of overlooked native fruit and nut crops with commercial potential, but he also studies aspects of mainstream horticultural crop production. Andrew has built a 24 year (and running strong) knowledge of the elderberry, so if you’re looking to delve a bit deeper into the elderberry rabbithole then look no further! 

In This Episode:

When Andrew first learned about elderberries 2:10

About the process for Andrew to get his latest elderberry grant 6:28

The differences between the impact of elderberry juice vs. elderberry syrup 17:29

How Andrew approaches pollination of elderberry crops 19:22

Why European elderberries are more difficult to mechanically harvest 23:21

The use cases of elderberry skins and/or seeds 26:28

Where you can learn more about Andrew and his work with elderberries 31:59


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