Who’s the most active, passionate, health-conscious farmer and herbalist in Virginia? 

Jean Howard, co-owner and operator of CA & J Farm, is among the most eclectically active individuals we’ve yet come across in the farming community, and she’s far removed from any signs of slowing down. Jean is an avid health enthusiast that even the most seasoned health expert could learn a thing or fifty from. Jean loves to share the immense knowledge she has gathered throughout her journey in hopes of giving others the wellness and peace she’s found. Join us today and discover how she lives a healthy, medication-free, pain-free life…and how you can do the same!

In This Episode:

What Jean’s extensive operation is all about 0:59

How Jean approaches marketing 16:56

Why it’s important to be mindful and regularly think about and act of de-stressing and how Jean goes about it herself 27:04

How Jean helps people get healthy 37:47

What social media platform Jean uses for promotions and engagement 42:47

What Jean would do differently given the chance to start over 43:56

How Jean goes about finding good help 47:43

How she divides roles on the farm 48:52

What methods Jean uses to promote CA & J Farm 50:02

About the horticulture side of CA & J Farm 53:33

The biggest mistake Jean sees newer farmers making 56:05

What Jean’s favorite farming tool is 58:31

If Jean believes now is the best time to start a farm 59:19

Where you can find out more about Jean and CA & J Farm 1.00:04

About the Guest

Jean Howard is a trained community herbalist, drum circle facilitator, and musician sharing natural wellness education through music and programs on farm, off farm, and virtually. Her farm is an off-grid capable solar, educational, medicinal herb, and organic egg farm, with a yellow barn healthy life store where she sells bulk herbs, herbal products, chicken & duck eggs, teas, organic cleaning and beauty products, coffee, medicine making supplies, essential oils, Earth Clothes, and more! Their mission statement: Sharing natural wellness education, healing music, and positive vibes anyway they can!

Resources and mentions

Website – www.cajfarm.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lifeclosetonature/, https://www.facebook.com/cajfarm

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/cajfarm/

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