What opportunities does a farmer have today in the elderberry market? 

On this first episode of our Elderberry Workshop Series, we’re excited to have with us Trisha Jackson of Trisha’s Elderberries. Hailing from Ohio, Trisha’s Elderberries is an artisanal, upscale online wellness boutique focused on crafting the very best natural wellness remedies. Their elderberry products are handmade and use only the best of organic ingredients. Their elderberry syrup is renowned for it’s Christmas-like flavors and unparalleled effectiveness. Trisha’s Elderberries is recognized as the #1 elderberry syrup brand in Ohio by integrative wellness practitioners, functional MDs, chiropractors, pediatricians, and pharmacists too. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a proven elderberry master!

In This Episode:

Who Trisha Jackson is and what she does 1:35

How Trisha got into the Elderberry business 2:03

About Trisha’s wholesale partners 5:59

The typical shelf life of these products 9:15

About overall opportunities to sell in the elderberry business 10:43

About retail opportunities for elderberry farmers 14:20 

What Trisha offers with her Grow Your Elderberries Products Business Group 20:25

Where you can find out more about this group 21:52


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