Today we’re lucky to be hosting Stephen Smith, President of AgriGro, and Luke Hammond, VP of small farms and home and garden product lines at AgriGro. The mission of AgriGro is to provide sustainable, environmentally sound technologies that maximize biological performance, return a profit to the user, and improve the world in which we live. For nearly 40 years, AgriGro has established a tradition of excellence, manufacturing an ever-growing line of innovative technologies that offer superior performance and unmatched value in the global marketplace. Grounded in humble beginnings, their family-owned biotechnology company seeks to build upon those principles, and expand the tradition of excellence beyond the scope of business. Stephen and Luke are both dedicated and passionate about AgriGro’s vision, principles, and processes, and thus have become masters of the craft. Listen in today to hear about their journeys!

In This Episode:

What Agrigro does 2:03

What products Agrigro offers 13:15

What prebiotics are 18:49

Agrigro’s mission, in Luke’s words 23:52

Some common myths about soil that Stephen and Luke can debunk 43:17

How prebiotics can help build organic matter 53:19

What a farmer should think about before getting started with the AgriGro program 56:18

What kind of ratio of their product a typical market gardener would apply to their crops  1.02:56

Some different ways Stephen and Luke apply the prebiotic 1.10:00

How Stephen envisions the future of agriculture 1.19:11

Where you can learn more about Stephen, Luke, and AgriGro 1.22:03

About the Guests:

Luke Hammond

Luke is a farmer, a father and a guy that loves food about as much as the ground that it grows on.  It doesn’t take long for anyone who meets him to know that he is deeply passionate about all things farming. Small-scale regenerative agriculture consumes his waking hours and has for the past 7 years. Luke is on a mission to come alongside other farmers to learn together from other’s farming experiences. Together, they can focus on the restoration of our communities, save our planet, and make a profit one location at a time. 

Stephen Smith

Stephen has been employed with AgriGro since 1988 and has served as President of the Company since 2005.  He is now a 2nd generation owner of the company in partnership with his brother, Shannon. 

Growing up on the family farm, Stephen began his career working beside his father who founded the company in 1980 and has been part and witness to the growth and  transformation that has taken place since its beginning.

Stephen has helped lead the expansion of AgriGro from its humble beginnings and focussed his career on branding and building a prebiotic line of products that work in harmony with nature to improve the world we live in for generations to come. As a result of his efforts, AgriGro has grown from a single product offering to a growing line of Nutritional and Prebiotic technologies. Today these products are distributed around the globe to improve Soil Health, Crop Production, Livestock Nutrition, Wildlife management, Home and Garden plant care and Commercial Waste Management.





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