How can small farms compete in a wholesale market dominated by large agricultural businesses?

On this episode, Michael is joined by Cole Mazariegos-Anastassiou who co-runs Brisa Ranch in California’s Pescadero area. Together with his farm partners, their farm offers a variety of crops grown regeneratively on ecologically rich farmland for mainly local wholesale distribution. 

Tune in to hear how Cole’s farm is successfully geared to wholesalers than direct to consumer.

You’ll hear:

  • About where Brisa Ranch is located 0:56
  • More about how they make their deliveries 3:16
  • What a typical week on the farm is like 5:22
  • About the soil fertility on the farm 8:35
  • More about their two irrigation systems they have 16:13
  • About the other owners and the kind of crew they maintain 24:50
  • What the biggest challenge has been since Brisa Ranch started  35:37

About the Guest:

Cole Mazariegos-Anastassiou, along with Cristóbal Cruz Hernández and Verónica Mazariegos-Anastassiou, co-own Brisa Ranch which grows a diverse range of crops (nearly 40 different crops) on over 30 acres. About 95% of their sales are B2B, selling directly to a range of grocery stores, school districts, universities, hospitals, corporate kitchens, food banks, etc. Beyond being certified organic, they are certified with Real Organic Project to differentiate their soil-focused growing practices.


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