What was your reason for going organic?

We’re joined today by Andrew Couzens from Terra Flora Organics, located in Chilliwack, Canada. Terra Flora Organics specializes in producing fungal dominant composts and worm castings and microbial inoculants to growers. They also produce and provide regenerative agricultural educational and consulting services to conventional and organic growers. Starting out as a software engineer, Andrew discovered he had an extreme sensitivity to Roundup, which kicked him off on a unique journey to the world of organic farming. Join us today to hear all about what Andrew and Terra Flora Organics have accomplished and where they’re headed!

In This Episode:

Why Andrew transitioned from software engineering to organic farming 1:37
What Terra Flora Organics grows and sells 8:47
What options farmers have when using vermicompost 16:36
What compost worms like to eat 28:57
What systems Terra Flora Organics has in place for removing worm castings 34:48
What else worm castings can be used for 38:32
Why Andrew is supplying worms and worm castings to a wine vineyard 53:55
Where you can find out more about Andrew and Terra Flora Organics 1.00:50

About the Guest:

After spending two decades in software engineering, Andrew Couzens eventually arrived at the conclusion that his talents would be better spent working with nature in the physical, real world, than furthering the development of the digital one which has been demonstrated to disconnect individuals from nature in spite of never being more connected.

There’s never been a greater need for people to produce sustainable solutions to manage our footprint on this planet, and the need to re-localize food production has reached a climax.


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