How are you cultivating connections in your community?

On this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, we are hosting Steven and Christine Bailey, founders of The Kindred Farm, in Santa Fe, TN. Together, Christine, an author and podcast host, and Chef Steven are cultivating their community by growing vibrant produce, flowers, and bees in a sustainable way. 

They also offer farm table dinners under the stars at their seasonal Kindred Dinners, along with monthly Market Days and hands-on classes like Artisan Pizza for Beginners. 

Shortly after seeing the documentary, Food, Inc. in 2009, Steven and Christine were inspired by farmer and author Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and began supporting the local farms movement in urban Dallas. At the end of 2015, they sold their business and moved to middle Tennessee, to start cultivating their own farm on 17 acres.

Tune in to hear how they host popular farm-to-table dinners that sell out in a day and market their farm to their community!

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • How Steven and Christine got started in farming 2:02
  • The different enterprises on The Kindred Farm 4:26
  • The staff at The Kindred Farm 14:28
  • Their philosophy on marketing their farm 16:23
  • The story behind Christine’s book The Kindred Life 26:10
  • How they know when it’s time to shift their focus 35:54
  • The “fun” endeavor they tried that actually turned highly profitable 38:41
  • Steven and Christine’s advice for someone getting started in farming 46:06
  • Their favorite farming tool 53:58

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About the Guest:

At Kindred Farm, cultivating connection is the heart of everything they do. They are Christine and Steven Bailey – an author/podcaster and a chef. On their 17 acres in Santa Fe, Tennessee, they are raising vibrant produce, flowers, and bees in a sustainable way that heals the land. 

They believe life is meant to be shared in community. They create unique, handmade artisan goods for The Kindred Farm Store with that in mind. Kindred Farm is a place where you can come and be nourished. You can find connection in the land, in community, and around the table. They encourage their customers to slow down, exhale, and then take some “kindred” home with them wherever they go.


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