Have you ever thought about selling it all and traveling the country?

On this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, we are hosting Jon and Bre Taylor, a pair of digital nomads who are traveling the country in search of their future farm.

Along with their three kids, they have visited many national parks and historical sites as they “roadschool” their children. However, their main goal has been to visit farms, attend hands-on homesteading conferences and ultimately search for the place they’ll call home.

Tune in to hear about their journey from suburbia to full-time RV life and how their farm search has changed as a result of visiting various farms around the country. 

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • How Jon and Bre started their “digital nomad” life 2:31
  • Details about where they plan to start their farm 12:48
  • About what kind of animals they hope to get for their farm 18:25
  • What was the most surprising thing they discovered on their farm tours 23:18
  • More on their feelings about the various historical sites they visited along the way 31:11
  • About some of the homesteading festivals they’ve attended 33:45
  • Their goals for their future homestead 35:02
  • About their experiences with Harvest Hosts 36:20
  • Their advice for people looking to start on a similar journey 38:45

Places mentioned in the show:

About the Guest:

Jon and Bre Taylor have been traveling the country with their three kids in a 44′ 5th wheel camper for over two years. Jon works remotely as an IT Director. Bre works for Growing Farmers and “roadschools” their kids (a.k.a homeschooling on the road).

They learn about history and geography as they travel to many national parks and sites. But their main goal has been to determine where they ultimately want to live and start their own homestead.

As they travel, they go on farm tours and attend hands-on homesteading conferences to learn more about what kind of small farm they will eventually have. They share about these travels on their Instagram.


Instagram: http://instagram.com/letsliveupstream

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