What does it take to build a thriving farm in cold, harsh climates?

Joining us today on the Thriving Farmer Podcast is Stan Bialecki of Bialecki Farms. Stan and his wife, Amy, are the owners and operators of Bialecki Farms. They’re located in the northeast mountains of Pennsylvania, which they’ve lovingly dubbed “Alaska, Pennsylvania.” Beginning the homestead with the intention to grow for their family, now with over 20 years of farming experience, they proudly grow fresh, local vegetables for the community. There’s plenty of history and knowledge that comes with such a refined process, and Stan certainly doesn’t hold back during this enlightening episode!

In This Episode:

What farming is like in the mountains of Pennsylvania 1:57

How Stan got started with Bialecki Farms 3:00

How Stan works with tunnels 5:19

About the primary markets for Bialecki Farms’ products 11:00

What kinds of crops Stan grows 15:31

How Stan decides on new crops 21:22

How Stan manages pests in the greenhouse 26:00

How Stan and Amy divide roles on the farm 31:24

The hardest part of being a farmer for Stan 33:10

What Stan would do differently given the ability to go back and start again 33:41

The biggest mistake Stan sees newer farmers making 38:31

How Stan sets up LED lights 40:10

How Amy grows microgreens 44:15

Stan’s favorite farming tool 44:34

About the Guest

Bialecki Farms is a market farm in northeastern Pennsylvania focusing on year-round production of hydroponic greens in addition to an assortment of seasonal crops. The farm’s growing practices use a combination of old and new technologies from high wheel cultivators to high tech greenhouses. Our produce can be found at area farmers markets, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Resources and mentions

Website – https://www.bialeckifarms.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/bialeckifarms

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/stanbialecki/https://www.instagram.com/amy_at_bialecki.farms/

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtWM36FdWOKjf4qhjGyY_6w

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