What challenges are you facing as a farmer during these turbulent times? 

On this bonus episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, we’re joined by Bob Rimol owner and founder of Rimol Greenhouse Systems in Hooksett, NH. His passion for gardening and agriculture led him to the University of Vermont where he graduated with a degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics. But Bob isn’t here today to talk about himself and his journey. His goal here is to shed some light on recent changes in supply chains and prices which are dramatically impacting farmers and their previously tried and true methods and processes, as well as giving a few tips on how to thrive during these rapidly changing times. If you’re a farmer navigating this whole new world, this is not an episode you can afford to skip!

In This Episode:

What got Bob into greenhouses? 1:27

The big changes that have occurred in the last 27 years 3:06

What’s happened to the price of steel in the last 6 months 7:05

Bob’s thoughts on what’s to come 11:49

How you can maximize efficiency in your greenhouses 15:20

About the Guest

In 1994, Bob Rimol – now the owner of Rimol Greenhouse Systems – decided to leave his home state of New Jersey and relocate with his family to New Hampshire. Soon after, Bob began working as a sales representative for a greenhouse manufacturer specializing in structures and systems. It didn’t take long for Bob to notice a lack of innovative and quality greenhouse technology options for local growers, so Bob decided to fill that gap – and he did it by founding Rimol Greenhouse Systems.

Bob contacted Mike Marett, a fellow UVM graduate, and combined their expertise in horticulture and engineering – along with a mutual entrepreneurial spirit – to construct the first RGS Greenhouses. The goal for the first two greenhouses was simple: to utilize the best features of pre-existing greenhouses, and to offer a low-cost, high-quality greenhouse alternative. Soon after, the Northpoint was developed as a dynamic multi-functional growing and retail house. The Northpoint was designed to endure heavy snow and wind loads in order to withstand the rugged New England climate.

Rimol Greenhouse Systems now offers over 10 unique free-standing greenhouses. From the gutter-connected Matterhorn to the Rolling Thunder – one of the first mobile commercial greenhouses – RGS continues to set the market standard for innovation, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Today, Rimol produces additional products for growers, including shade structures, benches, and an entire line of products to complement our industry-leading growing structures.

Fast forward two decades and RGS has an industry-respected brand name synonymous with quality and unrivaled durability. While the company has added six new full-time employees, donated dozens of structures to non-profits, universities, and research facilities, constructed a new 32,000 square foot production facility, has a robust Facebook following of over 120,000 greenhouse enthusiasts, and expanded into markets spanning North America, Rimol Greenhouse Systems continues to focus on meeting the individual needs of every customer.

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