Who produces modern tools that make the lives of small vegetable farmers so much easier?

Ryan Thiessen of Ontario Canada joins us today to tell us how he does exactly that, and what led him to becoming the producer of such optimal tools. Thiessen Tillage Equipment was born of a need for small scale equipment on Ryan’s own mixed vegetable farm, Creek Shore Farms in St. Catharines, Ontario. After spending years making tools for himself, Ryan began making those same tools for the wider farming community in southern Ontario and has since branched out into North America. Thiessen Tillage Equipment focuses on small scale cultivation tools, undercutters and some custom fabrication work when the need arises. Tune in today to hear all about how Ryan can boost the efficiency and productivity of your small vegetable farm!

You’ll Hear:

About the general operation of Thiessen Tillage Equipment 0:51

About the first tools Ryan began to develop 2:54

Why you need to clear weeds on the farm 4:13

Why farmers are steering towards mechanical cultivation 7:56

The first tool Ryan takes to the field for cultivation 10:22

Which components Ryan looks to have on a walking tractor setup 20:58

What older model cultivation tractors work well, and why people are leaving them behind for newer models 33:50

What some of the newer models are and their advantages 35:51

The biggest mistakes Ryan sees in cultivation 52:33

About Ryan’s mentors in his journey in the farming industry 55:02

How one would best get started in fabrication 1.02:01

Some common mistakes Ryan sees in those new to fabrication 1.05:33

How Ryan approaches marketing 1.12:04

The biggest mistake Ryan sees new farmers making 1.13:34

What encouragement Ryan would he give himself as a new farmer if he could go back in time 1.15:50

Ryan’s favorite farming tool 1.21:53

Where you can find out more about Ryan and Thiessen Tillage Equipment 1.22:27

About the Guest:

Ryan is a farm equipment designer and fabricator specializing in mechanical weed control for vineyards, orchards, and vegetable or other horticultural operations.  With 20 years of experience working on or running farms, as well as designing equipment, he combines those skills to give farmers the tools they need to combat weeds at a variety of scales.  With experience in both working in vineyards and ten years running Creek Shore Farms, Ryan understands the struggles that most farmers face in producing a successful crop.

Resources and mentions:

Website – www.thiessentillage.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thiessentillage

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