Have you ever wondered what farming is like across the pond? 

If so, you’re in luck because we don’t allow 4000 miles of water and considerable cultural and geographical differences slow us down in our quest for farming knowledge worldwide! Joining us today all the way from Bastogne, Belgium is Denis Morsomme of Micro-Ferme du Ponceret. Micro-Ferme du Ponceret is a vegetable farm that operates on the basis of an economic ecosystem made up of four production units: market gardening, store, cooking, and wood pyrolysis. Each unit is both independent and intimately linked to the others. Join us today to hear fascinating first-hand details of what professional Belgian farming is all about!

You’ll Hear:

Who Micro-Ferme du Ponceret are and what they do 0:51

How Denis got started in farming 1:36

What the setup was like at the beginning stages of Micro-Ferme du Ponceret 2:42

What the setup and production on Micro-Ferme du Ponceret currently looks like 4:03

Why Micro-Ferme du Ponceret sticks with a greenhouse, and what biochars are 7:29

How much biochar should be used in soil 10:59

What their biochar generator heats 13:59

What they use to feed the soil on their farm 16:03

What systems are in place to ensure that Micro-Ferme du Ponceret operates smoothly 19:14

About the hardest thing Denis has done as a farmer 22:26

About Denis’ mentors throughout his farming career 24:04

What systems Denis would put in place sooner if he could go back in time 26:23

How Micro-Ferme du Ponceret delegates roles for their employees 28:36

Where Micro-Ferme du Ponceret focuses their marketing 30:25

How Micro-Ferme du Ponceret goes about making and selling prepared foods 33:55

How Micro-Ferme du Ponceret approaches marketing 36:03

The biggest mistake Denis sees newer farmers making 36:41

What Denis thinks new farmers should avoid their first year 38:23

What piece of encouragement Denis would  give his past self on his first year farming 39:33

Denis’ favorite farming tool 40:01

Where you can learn more about Denis and Micro-Ferme du Ponceret 41:18

About the Guest:

The Micro Ferme du Ponceet began  in 2016 in Bastogne in Belgium. They produce a wide variety of vegetables which are sold directly to their customers. Denis has a commercial background in retail business and discovered the franchise system while working in China. He thinks sharing a complete farm model, including:  production, food processing, and retail sales is an efficient way to spread regenerative agriculture practices.

Resources and mentions:

Website – https://www.microfermeduponceret.be/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ponceret/

Biochar Machine – https://www.biomacon.com
French Agronomic YouTube Channel – https://youtu.be/BLPFlcSbjAc

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