How should a farmer go about increasing awareness of their business in this digital age? 

Today we’re taking the show in a bit of a different direction by delving into the world of digital marketing, the likes of which we and many of our fellow farmers utilize in order to truly thrive in today’s world. Our guest today, Rachel Miller, is a serial online entrepreneur and a mother of six. She began as a mom blogger and went on to build something much bigger. She’s a published author of multiple books, including a best seller that has sold more than 100,000 copies! She’s been featured on Good Morning America as well as national magazines. In 2017, she began teaching others how to craft their own viral content and she’s helped thousands of businesses grow engagement. With her help, her clients have had their content in front of more than 10 million people. Join us today to learn how to exponentially increase awareness of your business!

In This Episode:

How Rachel brings business posts to millions of people 1:02

How Rachel got into online marketing 2:19

Why we want to grow our audience 4:39

The most productive way to use your personal Facebook profile 8:28

What kinds of stories you should be telling on social media 12:45

What Rachel’s algorithm is, and what it wants 15:27

What kinds of content Rachel utilizes with the algorithm 17:16

What Rachel means when she refers to a “bumper sticker” 18:43

How you can breathe new life into dead pages 20:58

Why a follow chain is not the best tactic to use 26:32

About the specific ratios you’d like to see in sales posts 29:09

How Rachel goes about converting followers to buyers 32:14

The difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group 34:25

The hardest thing Rachel has done as an entrepreneur 36:27

What Rachael wishes she had done sooner as an entrepreneur 39:14

How Rachel goes about hiring 41:23

Why small business owners/entrepreneurs are so important today 42:59

Where you can find out more about Rachel and Moolah Marketing 45:30

The scoop on Rachel’s challenge “100 Perfect People” 46:25

About the Guest

After helping 45 people bring single posts from their business pages to more than 10,000,000 people each, without a massive ad budget, Rachel Miller has become a sought after strategist.

Businesses she has helped have been able to go from obscurity to household brands.

Rachel began as a blogger before getting hooked on “collecting people” and building audiences. She has built multiple websites in different niches that were able to garner over 50,000,000 pageviews each. She has authored multiple books, selling over 200,000 copies, spoken at numerous conferences, and has assisted in crafting organic social strategies for Fortune 500 companies, TV shows, as well as everyone from stay-at-home parents working a side hustle to local brick and mortar shops.  When she isn’t geeking out about Facebook and organic social strategies, you can find her watching Harry Potter with her six kids.

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