How can farms, ranches, and other producers of food products utilize multimedia to showcase their goods?

Lori Rice, our guest on this bonus episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, not only provides professional photography and writing services to food and drink brands, but educates and inspires artisanal food and beverage entrepreneurs, growers, and other creatives who hope to style and shoot their own food and product photos through her CreatingYOU family of online courses and trainings. This episode is an absolute must-hear for farmers, photographers, food producers, and foodies alike!

In This Episode:

About the specifics of Lori’s profession? 2:14

Why it’s important for farmers to have quality photos 4:48

Why lighting is so important and how you can manipulate it to optimize your photos 7:03

How to choose your “hero” 13:00

What the rule of thirds is and how you can apply it 15:01

What Lori has picked up in her years of shooting produce in particular 17:31

How to take a great shot with a smartphone 21:22

What time of day is best to capture quality photos 22:51

Tips for a quality CSA box shoot 24:29

Whether or not it’s better to take pictures all the time or specifically choose blocks of time to capture photos 26:02

When it’s time to hire someone to do the capturing 26:50

Where you can find Lori online 29:33

About the Guest

Lori Rice is the founder, Fake Food Free Productions. She is a food photographer, stylist, and writer providing creative content for food brands, agriculture organizations, and publishing companies. Her CreatingYOU® family of online courses and workshops helps food makers, entrepreneurs, and creatives style and shoot better food and product photos to market their brands and businesses.

She splits her time between California’s Central Valley and the Central Coast while also available for travel projects both in the U.S. and abroad.

Lori’s degrees are focused in nutritional and exercise sciences and her career began in academia-based Cooperative Extension and Public Health education. She has a passion for helping people who are creating a better system for the foods we eat and the goods we buy. Her photography helps brands bring their processes and products to life to better connect with consumers. She also continues to write for print and web publications covering topics such as craft beer and ciders, food, and agriculture.

She is an avid traveler having visited over 20 countries and lived in Southern Brazil. She is the author and photographer of the books, Food on Tap: Cooking with Craft Beer and Beer Bread, both published with The Countryman Press.

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