What can you do on your land to add more income? What is value-added to you?

In this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, Michael dives into why you need to attend this weekend’s Thriving Farmer Summit! It combines everything he’s passionate about: farmers loving what they do, while spending time with their families, and being justly compensated. 

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • Why innovation in products, not more production, is the biggest opportunity for farmers to work less and make more
  • What the term “value-added” really means – and it’s not quite what you think
  • Joel Salatin’s bullish prediction about repercussions from the pandemic and why farmers need to cash in now
  • Why the numbers are in your favor when you decide to start owning your own processing, marketing, and distribution
  • Why companies like Driscoll, that we equate with strawberries, don’t grow a single one
  • How a wide variety of products are challenging to produce, but why the variety is needed to attract customers
  • How the market is changing, and why we need to adapt so we can thrive
  • The three areas that will hold any farm attempting value-added back and how to address them
  • Joel’s parting advice to those who are ready to get started, and his warning to those who don’t want to innovate

If you haven’t signed up for the summit yet, here’s the link. You don’t want to miss this one…it may be our most important summit yet.

  • We have 37+ speakers on all aspects of growing and profiting in agriculture
  • There are some amazing and generous giveaways 
  • Live Q+A sessions
  • And so much more!

If you can’t catch the daily sessions or want to have a replay, we do offer an All Access Pass that gives you lifetime access to all the presentations. This is optional, but available for those who need it. Learn more here

Join us to learn more about the upcoming Value-Added Summit and how you can create additional income!

About the Guest:

Growing Farmers is led by Michael Kilpatrick, a farmer, educator, and inventor who lives in Ohio. He is the host of the top-rated Thriving Farmer Podcast and Thriving Farmer Summit series, which has been viewed by over 50,000 farmers. He has managed large farms and businesses, consulted for industry experts around the world, and spoken at dozens of conferences. Michael believes that anyone can farm by following the simple business and management skills that he teaches in Small Farm University, a community he founded for thriving farmers. Together with his wife, Savannah, they are raising their three children at The Farm on Central.


Website: farmsummits.com/valueadded 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/growingfarmerswithmichael

Instagram: @growingfarmers

The Thriving Farmer Summit
December 1-4, 2022

Learn how to add income from 37+ farmer and artisan experts who are freely sharing their stories and their “behind the scenes” experience of what makes them thrive and how you can, too! 

Get three days of FREE training on how to 10X your farm’s profits, while adding value to your life, your family, and your community.

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