Do you want to learn how to properly grow potatoes and increase your yields with this superfood?

In this week’s episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, we’re hosting Jeff Bragg, owner and sole proprietor of Superfood Consulting, operating out of New Mexico. Superfood Consulting is dedicated to taking the soils of Mother Earth to broaden the role of health worldwide, through food production. Jeff is an expert on potatoes.

It is about soil health to gut health.

Jeff enjoys perfecting processes and educating regarding agriculture needs as they relate to soils and plant development. The complete chain includes production to the consumer’s palate. Organic production and systems are the main focus as well.

Join us to hear the tricks of the trade from this experienced veteran in regenerative agriculture!

In This Episode:

What got Jeff started in farming 3:05
How the furrow irrigation system is set up 6:02
How the farm changed as Jeff was growing up 9:20
The moment Jeff realized he needed to make a change to regenerative agriculture 16:33
What kind of work Jeff is doing with potatoes now 24:52
Why potatoes have the superfood status 29:50
Why there could be a potato shortage 45:43
Potato varieties Jeff recommends 49:17
Key factors you should look at to maximize potential when growing potatoes 51:02
Fertility levels Jeff recommends for soils, and how one could accurately gauge that 1.01:23

About the Guest:

Jeff is a life-long agriculturist, from hand artist (furrow irrigation expert) to Consulting Agronomist to Product Development in Chemical Inputs to VP of a large multinational corporation; as a product developer of potatoes and alliums.

A change in health led Jeff and his wife to leave corporate agriculture and get into regenerative, organic-only product development.

He works with the Lords method of photosynthesis, and rotational, regenerative agriculture.


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