Do you love flowers? Do you love farming? If so, have you considered starting a flower farm?

Today we’re joined by Lyndsay Biehl of Wildroot Flower Co, located in Marietta, Ohio. Not long after achieving her degree in horticulture, Lyndsay realized the aspect of horticulture that held her passion was gardening and growing. In 2016, she decided to put her passion before her fears by planting her first seeds and starting a flower farm. Wildroot Flower Co grows specialty cut flowers, using sustainable growing techniques, to bring you the most natural local beauty possible. Customers enjoy their flowers through the seasonal CSA, the local farmer’s market, and their custom design services. Tune in to hear how Lyndsay turned her passion into her profession!

In This Episode:

What’s going on at Wildroot Flower Co 1:11

Lyndsay’s top practical takeaways from her horticulture degree 3:36

How she got the flower farm started 5:35

Which marketing books Lyndsay found the most impactful in her journey 9:24

How Lyndsay markets the classes at her farm 16:40

What classes she offers 17:33

The key elements Lyndsay feels constitute a good class 19:00

Lyndsay’s core growing practices 22:09

What kinds of flowers Wildroot grows in their tunnels 27:37

What Wildroot use for fertility 36:09

What aspects of Wildroot’s business model drove the most growth 39:23

How Wildroot Flower Co hires the right people 45:49

What the future holds for Wildroot Flower Co

About the Guest

Lyndsay is a commercial horticulturist with over 20 years of experience in the agriculture industry. A graduate of The Ohio State University’s Landscape Horticulture program, Lyndsay started Wildroot Flower Co in 2016 as a way to share her love for nature and horticulture with her community. She shares her passion for natural locally grown flowers with her customers through her on farm workshops, farmer’s markets, and U-Pick events.

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