In this episode, I interview John Moody, a well-known author, speaker, and homesteader from Kentucky. We discuss how he got into farming, and dive into his new book, Winning the War on Weeds, that he wrote to help small-scale farmers and homesteaders tackle one of the most challenging and labor-intensive parts of growing.

In This Episode:

>> How John found his way to growing food through his health issues

>> Why he set out to write a book about weeds after he cut his time spent on weeding by 90%

>> How constant tillage or chemical use can be detrimental to the long-term health of your soil

>> A discussion about organic weed management strategies like mulching, cultivation, flame weeding and solarization.

Quotes from the episode:

Weed is the original four-letter word”

“It’s an upfront investment that pays so many dividends”

“Doing the right kind of weed control is about playing the long game”

About the Guest

The Moody family has farmed and homesteaded on 35 acres in the rolling hills of Kentucky just outside Louisville for the last decade. A well-known author and speaker, John has written four books to help farmers and homesteaders achieve their dreams to pursue lives with greater freedom, self-sufficiency, sustainability, and success. The founder of multiple profitable businesses in food and farming, they are excited about the opportunities the next decade presents for innovative young entrepreneurs, including farmers!

Resources and mentions

John Moody’s website

John’s book Winning the War on Weeds

Other work by John: elderberry

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