In this episode, I talk to Jonathan Bruderlein who started farming with horses, then took a break to spend a couple of years traveling to farms around the US and Canada and is now back in Quebec to start version 2.0 of his farm

In This Episode:

>> How Jonathan managed field cultivation with horses

>> How taking a step back to travel gave him and his family perspective and inspiration

>> Why some of the most profitable time on a farm is spent with your team

>> How your farm and life goals tie into what he calls ‘human sustainability’

>> Common limiting beliefs of farmers

About the Guest

Jonathan’s a nerd…a really big nerd. Jonathan loves numbers, loves spreadsheets, and above all loves people. Jonathan owned and operated a successful certified organic vegetable farm in Dunham, Quebec for a number of years using a mix of tractor power and draft horse power. In 2017, Jonathan and his family decided to take a sabbatical, convert their delivery van into a camper, and travel around the USA and Canada for almost 3 years, visiting farms, learning, and getting a new perspective on life!

Jonathan is now back in Quebec and in the process of launching the second iteration of the farm. Having completed a life coaching training during these travels, Jonathan currently is passionately bringing the life coaching model into the farming community.

As a life coach, Jonathan supports successful farmers to think outside the box and see even greater possibilities for success in all areas of their lives.

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