How does your local climate influence your agricultural decisions?

Jodi Roebuck joins Michael on this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast. Jodi is the trailblazing market gardener and mentor at Roebuck Farm in Taranaki, New Zealand. 

With over two decades of experience, Jodi guides fellow growers toward more economically viable farming practices. Through this work, he embodies the belief that when environmental and financial health go hand in hand, true sustainability can be achieved.

Tune in to hear all about farming in windy and wet New Zealand! 

You’ll hear:

  • What farming is like in New Zealand 1:55
  • How Jodi got started in farming 3:43
  • More about their high-wind hoop house 12:02
  • About what a typical day looks like on Jodi’s farm 20:53
  • What Jodi’s thought process was leading up to the big greenhouse project 28:29
  • About the key principles Roebuck Farm follows to sustain their success 39:17
  • More on what the next years hold for Roebuck Farm 45:19
  • What would Jodi do differently given the opportunity to start over 47:50

About the Guest:

Jodi Roebuck is a world-renowned contemporary market gardener with 20+ years experience in sustainable growing and coaches the essentials of a profitable market garden business. Jodi’s philosophy is clear which is that true sustainability must also be profitable. He firmly believes that being “green” is only achievable if you’re not “in the red,” emphasizing the importance of economic viability in sustainable agriculture.


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