What can you learn from a food hub model of connecting local producers with chefs and consumers?   

On this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, Michael is joined by Jeff Bednar, the innovative force behind Profound Foods in North Texas. Since 2014, Jeff and his wife, Lee, have been revolutionizing local food systems and specializing in hydroponic produce. Jeff connects consumers directly to locally-grown food through his online marketplace, all while fostering community education and supporting future food entrepreneurs.

Tune in to hear all about how Jeff built a farm and food hub with a solid reputation for quality, consistency and education.

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • About how Jeff got started in farming  0:58
  • How they started selling to chefs and restaurants 6:05
  • About how the food hub pricing model works 10:20
  • What their marketing looks like 14:28
  • How Jeff has assembled the Profound Foods team 18:10
  • About how the Profound Foods dinners work 23:06
  • What Jeff would do differently if he could start over again 33:08
  • How Jeff and Lee keep their whole family involved 37:31
  • About Jeff’s favorite product in the food hub 41:07
  • What the future holds for Profound Foods 42:52

About the Guest:

Jeff Bednar founded Profound Microfarms in 2014. They specialize in growing over 150 varieties of high-quality hydroponic lettuces, rare culinary herbs, and microgreens on 10 acres just north of Dallas, Texas, using sustainable agricultural practices in controlled environments. 

In 2018, Jeff founded Profound Foods which is a North Texas food hub dedicated to providing locally grown and sustainably produced food to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Their mission is to build and support a sustainable food system by connecting local farmers and consumers through their online marketplace.

In addition to providing fresh, local food, Profound Foods and Profound Microfarms are committed to educating the community about the importance of sustainable agriculture and supporting local farmers. They offer educational workshops, farm tours, a food entrepreneur incubator kitchen and intern opportunities to connect people with their food sources and promote a more sustainable food system.


Website – www.profoundfoods.com
Instagram – www.instagram.com/profoundfoods
Facebook – www.facebook.com/profoundfoods

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