How much do you know about Silvopasture?

On today’s episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, we are joined by Jake Puckett of Crow Fly Farms in Marion, NC. His farm is a first-generation regenerative farm that raises 100% grass-fed and finished cattle and sheep (a.k.a. a “flerd”) as well as 100% Soy-Free Organic forest-raised hogs. 

Hear more about how they sell their meat in bundles instead of individual cuts and how he’s transitioning his property into Silvopasture.

Tune in to hear about Jake’s dedication to the improvement of his land and the environment as a result.

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • How Jake got started in farming 1:59 
  • How Crow Fly got access to land as a first-generation farm 6:28
  • More about his market and how they sell 18:05
  • How they sell their meat in bundles instead of individual cuts 22:27
  • How they are converting their property to Silvopasture 30:32
  • More on how Jake runs his animals as a “flerd” 36:41
  • What Jake would change if he could start all over again 40:15
  • About who makes up the team at his farm 42:31
  • About the future of Crow Fly Farms 44:28

About the Guest:

Jake Puckett and his wife, Luna Mikos, of Crow Fly Farms run a diversified livestock operation in Marion, NC raising cattle, sheep, and hogs. His cattle and sheep are 100% grass fed and finished and his hogs are raised entirely in the forest and fed a soy-free organic feed. Jake is an Accredited Professional with the Savory Institute and is the Lead Ecological Monitor for the Robinia Institute. Their farm’s motto is Happy Animals, Healthy Ecosystem, Clean Meat.




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