In This Episode:

Ellen Polishuk talks to Michael about her new book, Start a Farm, tips for farmers as they lay a foundation for a successful farm such as:

>> What is takes to be a farmer

>> Why failure is important

>> What’s the most common thing Small farms fail with?

>> What makes a qualified consultant and what questions should you ask before hiring them?

Quotes from the episode:

“Just because you find a place that’s in a good location, if it doesn’t have the right soils on it, your life in going to be harder. We can fix a lot of things, but it takes a lot of time and sometimes a lot of money to fix really broken soils”

About the Guest

Ellen is a full-time workshop leader and farm consultant. She takes her 35 years of biological vegetable farming experience to help growers around the country to reach their farm dreams. Ellen is a co-author of the newly released book Start Your Farm. She also writes the farmer to farmer profile column for Growing For Market magazine. She lives in suburban Maryland with her husband, where she gardens like crazy.

Resources and mentions

Start Your Farm Book
Plant to Profit – Ellen’s consulting company