Darren Doherty is the worlds foremost farm designer and founder of the Regrarians platform and Regrarians LTD. In this episode, we dive into what got Darren started in farm design, what a truly regenerative farm is, and the challenges that farmers all around the world face as they attempt to restore carbon to the landscape.

In This Episode:

>> How Darren developed the Regrarians platform and the original framework it is based off of

>> Darren’s advice to new farmers and the key areas they should focus on

>> How so much of farming is the climate that you are are in, and the climate of your mind is an important part of that

>> Why Darren prefers the word ‘team’ over ‘staff’

Quotes from the episode:

“Looking through just 1 lens (biodynamic, organic, etc) is myopic, and today’s farmers need to play with a full deck of cards”

“Surround yourself with those a little further down the road than yourself, a community”

“Know yourself better so that you can work with yourself”

“Make your farming year boring to the point that you can focus on building the systems into every area of our operation”

“Be excited about feedback, whether from other farmers or from your customers, its free advice!”

“Your network of customers is your greatest allies in building your business, so often, they are experts in so many areas that you need help in”


Regrarians Platform

On Pasture

Yeomans Keyline System

Cato the Elder on farming

Farmers that Darren mentions to watch:

Abe Collins

Gabe Brown

Paul Grieve

Bruce Burton

McIvor Farm

About the Guest