Here’s a bonus episode that I put together after meeting up with Becky at the Frozen Ground winter growing conference in July 2019. I wanted to share her research about overwintering onions since it’s an opportunity that some of you may want to try out or perfect.

In This Episode:

>> Becky was shocked when even applying 900# of potassium to a greenhouse tomato crop wasn’t enough

>> Her favorite varieties for overwintered onions include bridger, gatekeeper, forum, walla walla and desert sunrise.

>> An overview of crop management, fertility, irrigation, pest and diseases in overwintered onion trials

Quotes from the episode:

“Achieving a May 15th fresh onion is really attractive to farmers”

“We need to rethink how we do research, there are so many systems that work”

About the Guest

Becky joined UNH in 2004. She has a split appointment as Cooperative Extension sustainable horticulture specialist and Extension Professor of Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition & Food Systems. She also coordinates UNH’s Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems undergraduate programs. Before coming to UNH, she worked as a plant geneticist and lettuce breeder with the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Salinas, California.

Her areas of expertise include sustainable agriculture, season extension, and high tunnel production, vegetable and small fruit crops, plant breeding and genetics, plant disease resistance and disease management. Her applied research projects have the goal of helping growers to minimize production costs and ecological impacts while producing economically viable yields of high-quality crops. Recent projects have focused on identifying new crops, cultivars and production practices, including season extension technologies, that expand opportunities for vegetable and berry growers in northern New England.

Resources and mentions

New England Vegetable and Fruit Guide

Overwintered onion research

Tunnel Tomato Fertility

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Pictures from Pleasant Valley Farm- Paul and Sandy Arnold

Late May starting to harvest on the left- these had a temporary tunnel over them
Mid-June when the tops have dropped
Overwintered onions on the table at Pleasant Valley Farm