In this episode, I talk to marketing coach, author, and podcaster, Charlotte Smith of We covered lots of marketing topics from building your brand, to reaching the right person with your message, to using social media effectively.

In This Episode:

– How Charlotte started farming because of her children’s health issues
– How she became profitable within one year
– Why she prioritized hiring within the first few months
– How Joel Salatin is one of her mentors due to how he farms and handles the public as a direct marketer
– Why focusing on one signature product is the way to go
– When you find out how you’re helping people and what problem you’re solving for them, people can’t help but share that
– Why identifying your Ideal Customer Avatar is essential to dial in your marketing
– The biggest mistake they made and what she sees beginning farmers make, is scaling and expanding too fast

Quotes from the episode:

“It’s so tempting as new farmers to get the shiny new thing but that will make you broke”

About the Guest

Charlotte Smith founded and the accompanying podcast, The Profitable Mindset, helping farmers in the U.S., Canada and around the world, learn the most current online marketing techniques to grow a successful business.

She teaches her marketing course twice per year and published a book by the same name, “Farm Marketing from the Heart,” an intro to the concepts and techniques she teaches. She’s known as a coach and mentor that helps farmers get results.

Charlotte also owns a seasonal pastured poultry farm located in St. Paul, Oregon, producing a little raw milk, eggs, and poultry.

Due to her dedication to improving the soil, animals and the people who eat their products, in 2016 Charlotte was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in the World in Food and Agriculture by the non-profit, Food Tank.

Charlotte and her husband, Marc Rott, live on the farm in St. Paul, Oregon – she’s the mother of 3 kids – two adults and just one left at home.

You can visit Charlotte at or inside “The Profitable Mindset” Facebook Group and meet her on Instagram @CharlotteSmith3Cow

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Charlotte’s website

Charlotte’s The Profitable Mindset Podcast facebook group

Charlotte on Instagram

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