Brandt and Erica Parker are a couple of years into their farming journey. They grow on a quarter of an acre in Missouri and focus on lettuce and salad greens. Brandt talks to Michael about what they’ve learned so far and what advice they have for farmers just starting out.

In This Episode:

>> Weed control strategies and cropping year-round lettuce in a quarter acre market garden

>> How starting small and scaling up is the way to go when you’re just starting out

>> How a weekly schedule keeps farm tasks simple and productive

>> The mistakes they’ve made and advice for new farmers

Quotes from the episode:

“Your farm shouldn’t be bigger than the weeds you can successfully manage”

“Take your time – it’s not worth the cost of jumping into something without being prepared. You don’t want to be in the dark”

“You will never regret focusing your production on a few key crops…with a market garden I think focusing on a few crops and perfecting them is the quickest way to ensure a consistent, regular product for your customer “

About the Guest

My wife, Erica, and I own and operate The Sage Garden, a ¼ market garden outside of Columbia, Missouri. Our farm began in 2017. We focus on lettuce and other salad greens, and currently sell our product locally to grocery stores, restaurants, and a year-round farmer’s market. We use 30 inch, permanently raised beds with woodchips in our walk paths, and try and use natural and sustainable practices.

Resources and mentions

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Ray Tyler’s Lettuce Masterclass

The Market Gardener by JM Fortier

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