Can going back to more sustainable ways be the key to modern beekeeping success?

On this episode of the Thriving Farmer Podcast, Michael is joined by Adam Martin of Bee Kept Farm in middle Tennessee. Along with his wife, Leslie, Adam got into beekeeping with the commonly taught methods. After an unsuccessful first year, they decided to think “outside the bee box” and shifted their beekeeping to more natural and sustainable methods. 

Tune in to hear how Adam has gone back to more traditional methods to allow the bees to be bees. 

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • About how Adam got started in beekeeping 1:33
  • How feral swarms tend to behave 7:35
  • What Adam does to ensure that his bees thrive 10:38
  • How Adam harvests honey in a horizontal hive 14:36
  • What they do to handle pests 18:51
  • How Adam makes money with his Bee Kept Farm 23:25
  • What other animals Adam has on his farm 30:52
  • About the biggest question people have during Bee Kept classes 41:17
  • What bee species Adam recommends for late crops 44:17

About the Guest:

Adam and Leslie Martin are the proud owners of Bee Kept which is located on their homestead in Southern Middle Tennessee. Starting their homestead in January 2019, bees were one of the first things on the to-do list because they love honey!

Their bee adventure, like most others, started out using all of the traditional methods taught and promoted by beekeepers and bee clubs all over America and the Western world. After failing miserably in their first season of beekeeping, they used these failures as opportunities to learn outside-of-the-bee-box thinking with their beekeeping methods. Adam also teaches how to trap feral bees, keep them in a low to no maintenance method, and manage the colonies in horizontal hives that are better for the bees and the beekeeper!


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