In This Episode:

>> Ted’s preferred definition of sustainable agriculture encompasses soil health, nutrient density and financial viability

>> Ted’s Monday morning routine and how he stays organized and productive

>> How systems and consistency are key to sound finances. The #1 reason why farms fail is lack of profit

>> The biggest mistake he sees beginning farmers make is jumping in without a financial plan and not learning on someone’s else’s dime

Quotes from the episode:

“When you do something, leave it better than you found it”

“We don’t care how much profit you make, we care that you know how you make a profit”

About the Guest

He has lived in Bala Cynwyd, just west of Philadelphia, since 1997. In his spare time he shares a fleet of 1950’s era tractors and equipment with Philadelphia urban farms, cuts and mills his own lumber for live-edge furniture, fly fishes, builds bamboo fly rods, and participates along with his wife (as much as possible) in the lives of his three daughters (18, 22, 24).

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