Have you ever thought about beekeeping as a career and passion?

This week’s guest explains why you should. We have the pleasure of interviewing Michael Jordan. No, not the NBA superstar and lead role in Space Jam, but master of beekeeping and award-winning mead maker. Known as the BEE Whisperer, Michael is the founder and CEO of A BEE Friendly Company INC in Cheyenne, Wyoming. A BEE Friendly Company INC aren’t just beekeepers… they’re bee activists, educating others on how to properly keep and care for bees and so much more. Tune in today to learn all about the fascinating and highly nuanced world of beekeeping! 

You’ll Hear:

How Michael got started in beekeeping 1:21

What the inherent dangers for bees are in almond fields? 6:08

Why more people should be raising bees 11:21

What bee products you can sell as a farmer 14:00

What a reasonable price is for a beekeeping class 18:14

How much time needs to be allotted to beekeeping 22:50

How many hives a budding beekeeper should start with 26:23

How diseases and pests get spread, and how can you prevent them 29:49

Why Michael uses essential oils 36:55

When you should take honey, and how much you should take 41:57

What the educational aspect of A BEE Friendly Company INC is about 49:13

What Michal would change in his business given the opportunity to start over 58:45

How many people are currently working at A BEE Friendly Company INC 1.03:26

The biggest mistake Michael sees new beekeepers making 1.09:16

How young a kid can reasonably start practicing beekeeping 1.12:27

Michael’s favorite tool for beekeeping 1.15:29

Where you can find out more about Michael and A BEE Friendly Company INC 1.18:00

About the Guest:

Michael Jordan started keeping bees in 1999. He has a super passion working with kids in the art of beekeeping. He has a program that has been put into effect in one of Wyoming’s Alternative High Schools. Teaching beekeeping is the largest money maker in the agriculture field for the investment. He is a world class mead maker, making one of the only Meads that has CBD/THC in it. He even has won a world award, A MAZER Cup, showing it to 70 of the worlds largest mead makers. He teaches beekeeping all over the world, teaching a system called the M-3 9/11 method of Commercial Beekeeping. Showing how to make $500 to $1000 per hive. He lives in Cheyenne Wyoming, and manages 250 hives year round.

Resources and mentions:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/abeefriendly/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/michaeljordan_bee_whisperer/

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtnR4PIYWPz7o6pkG6gkrpQ?view_as=subscriber

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