Who can you turn to when you need assistance in the business side of farming? 

Our guest today, Mark Cannella, of Vermont, is here to share exactly how he fills that role and helps farmers through precarious financial times and situations. Mark has been working in the field of agriculture for over ten years. He has managed farm operations in vegetable production, maple sugaring, and agricultural education. His current focus is the management and delivery of farm business planning programs, business management training, and farm economic research. Listening to what Mark has to say has never been more important than it is in these economically turbulent times, so keep a sharp ear on this one!

You’ll Hear:

What Mark is working on these days 1:49

Some basic steps farms can take to stay stable during unstable times 3:04

What the CARES act does to boost farms and other businesses 9:08

How farm credit can mesh with PPP loans 13:40

What can realistically be claimed under CARES 18:07

What other details should people be aware of? 21:34 

Where you can get the latest information in these rapidly changing economic times 25:02 

What you need to know about the Economic Injury Disaster Loan 26:34

About the Guest:

Mark Cannella is an Associate Professor and Farm Business Management Specialist with the University of Vermont Extension.  He currently directs UVM Extension Agricultural Business programs with a focus on the management and delivery of farm and forest business planning programs, financial analysis and applied business research to a broad audience. Mark works directly on maple economics projects throughout the Northeastern United States.

Resources and mentions:

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Fact Sheet: https://blog.uvm.edu/farmvia/files/2020/04/PPP-Fact-Sheet.pdf

Details on Sole Proprietor Owner Benefits: https://blogs.claconnect.com/agribusiness/20-83333/

Free Growing Farmers Resources: www.growingfarmers.com/tips

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