Have you ever considered embarking on your dream farming journey solo?

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Jackson Holt, the owner/operator of Phoenix Farm, located in McLeansville, NC. He grows fruits, vegetables, and plant starts without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and offers his products to the local community in North Carolina to be picked up on-farm. Amazingly, he runs the entire operation practically by himself, while still keeping up with premium farming standards and procedures. Tune in to find out how he pulls it off!

In This Episode:

How Jackson got started in farming 1:21

What Jackson’s vision was when starting his farming operation 3:09

How Jackson stays organized on the farm 4:57

What systems Jackson has in place on the farm 6:37

Why Jackson focuses on carrots 11:35

How Jackson prepares soil for growing carrots 16:08

What Jackson does to ensure efficient germination 20:53

What his cultivation process looks like 23:47

What he uses for seeding 26:45

What time of the year he starts harvesting carrots 33:33

Why Jackson feels that it’s important to tone down operations during the wintertime 34:58

What Jackson would change at the start of his farming journey if given the opportunity 38:34

How long Jackson’s been farming 44:09

What advice Jackson would give himself as a new farmer 46:15

About the range of crops Jackson grows and how that has changed over time 47:16

What kind of farmers market Jackson runs 55:15

Jackson’s favorite farming tool 58:55

Where you can find out more about Jackson and Phoenix Farm 59:43

About the Guest

Jackson Holt is owner/operator of Phoenix Farm, a small operation just outside city limits of Greensboro, NC, where he grows a mix of vegetables (with emphasis on carrots) primarily for a local farmer’s market.

Resources and mentions

Website – https://www.phoenixfarmonline.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/phoenixfarmonline/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/phoenixfarmonline/

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