Is your farming passion so red hot that you would start a farm for the sole purpose of living the farm life?

That’s what Ian Graham of Old 99 Farm did. Located in Dunda, Ontario, Old 99 Farm is a small organic farm, a permaculture demonstration site, and market garden. They deal in top notch organic greens and crops: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers. They also raise heritage Canadian Lineback cattle, Tamworth pigs, and commercial breeds of chickens. Ian didn’t start Old 99 to get rich, make a living, or as a business venture, but as a lifestyle choice instead! Tune in today to hear why he did this and how it’s working out so far!

In This Episode:

What got Ian interested in permaculture 1:52

What kind of improvements were made on the land since purchase 6:00

Why Old 99 placed an orchard on the north slope of the north slope 16:59

How the hoop houses are designed 18:44 

What Old 99’s primary sales outlets are 28:09

What Ian would change about the farm’s structure given the opportunity for a do-over 

How Ian gets the word out about the farm 33:19

Ian’s favorite (and least favorite) part of the farm 35:49

About the Guest:

Ian started farming as a whole new career and lifestyle in 2007. He’s been a permaculture student since 2000, when he retired from the business world at age 47. A climate emergency advocate since 2014, he calls himself a farmer-postdoomer-boomer, downwardly mobile neo-peasant cognescente.

Old 99 is a 29 acre permaculture demonstration site and livestock-based mixed farm 5 minutes from the city lights of Hamilton Ontario. They see themselves as getting ready for the climate emergency by growing local food and farmers, teaching about food security, self-reliance, soil fertility, and ecosystem stewardship.


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