In This Episode:

>> The differences between Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

>> An explanation of FMSA exemptions

>> A discussion of common food safety myths

>> How systems and record-keeping are the foundation of food safety plans

Quotes from the episode:

“Food safety is a constant improvement process…it’s about thinking intentionally about produce safety and adopting good practices to try to minimize risk”

“You can’t clean what you can’t see and you can’t sanitize what you can’t clean”

About the Guests:

Andy Chamberlin grew up on his families Vegetable Farm in Underhill, Vermont. After going to school for mechanical engineering, and entering the workforce he discovered he needed to be out and about, making a difference in peoples lives, and the passion for farming never wilted away. Now, as an Ag Engineer for UVM Extension, he gets to work with fruit and vegetable farms in Vermont, and the North East educating farmers on produce safety and post-harvest handling, trying to improve the lives and business of the people that he works with.

Chris Callahan is the Extension Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Vermont. His work focuses on the application of the engineering practice to food systems. Specific engagement is with food producers, processors, and distributors to improve efficiency, quality, safety and cost control through integration of technology, systems integration and process controls

Hans Estrin is a Produce Safety Specialist for UVM Extension. He co-develop UVM’s Practical Produce Safety Program in 2010, and since 2014, has developed and coordinate the Community Accreditation for Produce Safety (CAPS) with the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association. As an On Farm Readiness Review (OFRR) lead for Extension, Hans provides on-farm technical support to help Vermont growers comply with FSMA and meet market expectations. Hans is an AFDO certified PSR trainer in produce safety, and regularly co-leads Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Grower training courses.

Hans also coordinates UVM Extension’s Post Harvest Team, focused on a team approach to integrating efficiency, profitability and food safety on Vermont Produce Farms. Hans further supports the development of local produce markets and businesses; He co-founded the Windham Farm and Food Network (now Food Connects), helped launch VT Dinners and Manadnock Menus, and has supported the start-up other Vermont Food Hubs. In his former career, Hans taught high school science for decades, around the globe, and worked on several produce farms.

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