On a multigenerational family farm, what do you keep from the older generation and incorporate from the newer one?

Today’s guests on the Thriving Farmer Podcast are Darcie and Darbie Zirkle, the twins of Zirkle Farms, located in Champaign County, Ohio. Zirkle Farms became a Century Farm in 2005. The family has multiple generations, all working together to make the farm evolve and thrive.

Join us to hear all about the Zirkle’s multigenerational family business and how they have evolved over the years on their Century Farm.

In this episode, you’ll hear…

  • What it was like for Darcie and Darbie growing up on the farm 1:38
  • Seed variations 5:46
  • How Zirkle Farms has implemented technology 7:16
  • The biggest challenges facing family farms today, according to Darcie and Darbie 12:36
  • The farm’s process of passing ownership down to the next generation 15:54
  • Changes they would they like to see in their business 21:49
  • Darcie and Darbie’s stance on the general demonization of American farmers 28:27
  • What they see for the future of the farm 30:11
  • Their advice for someone thinking about getting into family farming 36:08

About the Guest:

Darcie and Darbie Zirkle were born and raised in Champaign County, OH where they raise row crops and beef cattle on their family farm. Zirkle Farms is a multigenerational Century Farm with 1500 acres of crops and 60 head of cattle.

Note: This podcast is a bit different than the majority of our guests. I feel it is important to hear how many of the farmers think that are your neighbors, fellow co-op shoppers, and farm bureau members.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zirklefarms/

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